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We offer lotions in unlabled bottles or we can provied you with private label spray tanning products.

SkinDance Lotion with DHA
Case Pricing- Our Label, No Label or Your Label
12- 4 oz. Bottles
$4.50 ea. (Private labeled add $1)

Our lotion is designed for preserving and prolonging your spray tan. Bottles will come with our label unless "unlabeled" is requested.

Skin Dance Should be applied 3 or 4 hours before tanning and again after 8 hours (after shower). It is enriched with super moisturizers to keep skin healthy while slowing cell turnover rate and has added DMA to prolong the tan.

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12- 4 oz. Bottles of Lotion with DHA
(Our label or unlabeled) $54

Private labeled
12- 4 oz. Bottles of Lotion with DHA $66


Private label