TANNING POWDER 4 oz. (113 grams) $25

We offer self tanning powder that is the best high grade, American made USP sunless tanning ingredient. Our spray tanning powder is 100% Dihydroxyacetone -DHA Tanning powder.

TanningPowder.com is your source for the highest grade, fresh DHA tanning powder. We offer our powder in small or large quantities for use in your lotions or to intisify the sunless tanning solution you are using.

Now you can formulate your desired mixture of tanning lotion or use our pure DHA powder to intensify your favorite solution. Order your powder on Monday and see it by Wednesday or Friday.


Sprat tanning powder

DHA 4 oz. $25          
DHA 1/2 LB. $45      
DHA 1 LB. $75          
DHA 5 LBS. $175      
DHA 10 LBS. $300     
DHA 20 LBS. $575     
DHA 55 LBS. $985     


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